Washers and rings

N93 N93

washers with tap

DIN 93
N125A N125A

Washers, form A, without bevel

DIN 125 A / ISO 7089
N125B N125B

Washers, form B, without bevel

DIN 125 B / ISO 7090
N127A N127A

Spring lock washers, tang end

DIN 127 A
N127B N127B

Spring lock washers, square end

DIN 127 B
N128A N128A

Curved spring lock washers

DIN 128 A
N128B N128B

Curved spring lock washers

DIN 128 B
N137A N137A

Curved wavespring washers

DIN 137 A
N137B N137B

Spring washers, Type B waved

DIN 137 B
N432 N432

Washers with external tap

DIN 432
N433 N433

Washers for cheese headscrews

DIN 433 / ISO 7092
N434 N434

Square taper washers for U-sections

DIN 434
N435 N435

Square taper washers for I-sections

DIN 435
N436 N436

Square washers for wood constructions

DIN 436
N440 N440

Washers, especially for woodconstructions

DIN 440
N462 N462

Internaltabwashers for slotted round nuts according to DIN 1804

DIN 462
N463 N463

Washers with 2 taps

DIN 463
N471 N471

Retaining rings for shafts

DIN 471
N472 N472

Retaining rings for bores

DIN 472
N705 N705

Adjusting rings

DIN 705
N988 N988

Shim rings

DIN 988
N1052 N1052

Washers for wood constructions

DIN 1052
N1440 N1440

Plain washers for clavis pins

DIN 1440 / ISO 8738
N2093 N2093

Disc springs

DIN 2093
N6319 N6319

Spherical washers / Conical seats

DIN 6319
N6796 N6796

Conical spring washers for bolted connections

DIN 6796
N6798 N6798

Serrated lock washers

DIN 6798
N6799 N6799

Retaining washers for shafts

DIN 6799
N7349 N7349

Washers forbolts with heavy type spring pins

DIN 7349
N7980 N7980

Spring lock washers for screws with cylindrical heads

DIN 7980
N7989 N7989

Washers for steel constructions

DIN 7989
N7993 N7993

Snap rings for shafts

DIN 7993
N9021 N9021

Washers with outside diameter ≈ 3x nominal thread diameter

DIN 9021 / ISO 7093